About Us


Korpniti & Associates (formerly Korpniti Law Office) is a boutique Thai law firm specialising in dispute resolution and commercial law practice.

Korpniti has been a well-respected name in the Thai legal community and justice system for over three decades. In that time, we have laboured with honesty, diligence, and skill across countless cases and have served the legal needs of a wide portfolio of domestic and foreign clients in a broad range of industries.

Our reputation as problem solvers has allowed us to cultivate invaluable connections within governmental and business communities, including with academics, business leaders, civil servants, and lawmakers. We constantly strive to strengthen these relationships so that we always remain up to date with the latest laws and policies passed in the Kingdom.

Our legal expertise, commercial thinking and connections ensure we are one step ahead of the curve at all times, and allow us to get directly to the pain point of any challenges faced and address them directly for a swift resolution. The modest size of our firm also ensures that when a client engages our services, they will receive the best expertise our firm has to offer. We will never just assign or pass off cases to junior or senior members of our firm. Instead, we opt for a collaborative approach and allocate only those team members with the right skill set to match our client’s case.

With dedicated teams assigned to different practice areas – ranging from litigation to cross-border deals and foreign investment – we are ready to handle whatever you may bring our way, anywhere in the country!

Our mission is to allow each of our clients to make the most of their life and business in Thailand.

Here at Korpniti & Associates, we strive to provide the best service possible for all our clients.

We understand the confusion that clients might have in navigating the unexpected developments affecting their personal and professional lives.

We understand the feelings of frustration clients might have in navigating legal and commercial challenges , particularly the intricacies of the legal proceedings.

We care about your problems. We want to see our clients succeed and prosper, both in Thailand and abroad. And so, we are committed to fighting for successful outcomes to all of our client’s problems, whatever they might be.

This is our pledge to all of our clients.

“Helping you get on with business in Thailand.”