Our fortunate tenure as a commercial law firm has allowed us to cultivate invaluable investment and trade connections. If you wish to enter the Thai business environment for import/export or foreign direct investment purposes, we can provide you with a range of business-related services to help you along your way.

We maintain relationships with international business partners all across East and Southeast Asia, including in the newly-emerging market of Myanmar.

Thailand has long been considered an attractive destination for foreign direct investment (FDI). This can be attributed to numerous different factors, including: (i) Thailand’s continued economic growth; (ii) a large pool of skilled, cost-effective workers; (iii) a stable business environment protected by a robust legal framework; and (iv) attractive FDI incentives. Regarding the last point, Thailand has some of the most competitive FDI incentives within the entire region.

Yet before committing to any FDI projects, it is imperative that prospective investors understand the legal framework for foreign investment in Thailand as well as the key roles played by the Board of Investment (BOI) and Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT). At Korpniti, our firm has assisted a wide range of investment projects and our lawyers can assist clients at any stage of their investment.

We have extensive experience providing legal and consulting services to both foreign companies wishing to invest in Thailand, and local companies wishing to attract international investment. Our lawyers can address all investor concerns, advise on all inquiries relating to the investment environment, and help facilitate all investment proposals. We aim to first expand and then vigilantly safeguard a client’s investment interests in Thailand.

We can advise clients on all legal matters related to FDI, including:

  • Advising on the most appropriate legal structure for the foreign investor to conduct business in Thailand

  • Advising on legal issues related to the FDI project, including:
    • Restrictions placed on foreign businesses and the permitted business activities available to them;
    • Restrictions placed on foreign ownership of land;
    • Immigration issues, visas, and work permits;
    • Mergers & acquisitions;
    • Thai labour law;
    • Thai intellectual property law;
    • Thai property law, particularly real estate acquisition and leases; and
    • Thai taxation law

  • Drafting and reviewing transactional documents and negotiating commercial agreements between investors and business partners

  • Evaluating potential Thai or foreign business partners and conducting legal due diligence on all proposed business partners and potential deals to identify all the risks related to FDI projects

  • Planning the best structures for deals, financing, and remittance of profits

  • Obtaining all required business license approvals from the relevant authorities

  • Representing clients as an intermediary and negotiating on their behalf with government bodies during the investment approval process

  • Representing clients in dispute resolution in court and arbitral proceedings, as well as through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms