Our fortunate tenure as a commercial law firm has allowed us to cultivate invaluable investment and trade connections. If you wish to enter the Thai business environment for import/export or foreign direct investment purposes, we can provide you with a range of business-related services to help you along your way.

We maintain relationships with international business partners all across East and Southeast Asia, including in the newly-emerging market of Myanmar.

The import/export business is an attractive option for many foreigners wishing to do business in Thailand. It is an industry that is not restricted by the foreign business legislation that applies to the majority of industries and business sectors within the Kingdom (Foreign Business Act of 1999).

This means that foreigners are free to operate an import/export business without (i) needing to meet the 51% Thai ownership requirement applicable for regular businesses, or (ii) having to request permission from the Thai Government. Further, there is no single overarching law regulating the importation and exportation of goods. Although certain categories of goods are restricted and regulated, there is no broad general restriction imposed on the import/export trade as a whole.

At Korpniti, we have assisted countless clients with their import/export transactions over the decades. We can assist clients with most matters related to the import/export trade, including drafting and negotiating sale and supply contracts and distribution and agency agreements, acquiring the right licensing, advising on financing and payment mechanisms, opening lines of credit, and connecting clients to their international business counterparts.

We can advise and assist clients on all import/export business-related matters, including:

  • Company registration and business structures

  • Contract drafting, negotiation, and review

  • Distribution and sales agency arrangements

  • Dispute resolution

  • Freight forwarding and international transportation

  • International trade financing (e.g. letters of credit and other payment mechanisms)

  • Licensing, permits, and governmental approvals

  • Shipping law

  • Tax considerations, including customs duty, excise tax, municipal tax, VAT, and remittance of profits abroad

  • Trade law

Further, through our previous work, we have cultivated invaluable connections for the procurement and trade of the following products and commodities:


Thailand is a hotbed for both rough and retail jewelry. There is a huge market for semi-precious to precious stones. Gems, diamonds, rubies; you name it. We can help provide you with contacts in the industry if you require, whether branded or unbranded. We can also help you acquire the products, create and register your jewelry exporting company, and protect your trademark.

Motor Parts

We can help our clients and business partners with purchasing large quantities of new or used motor parts. We have built solid working relationships with motor part dealers all around Thailand through our years of dealing in this sector. If you wish to export motor parts to another country, we can assist you with acquiring Thai business partners and structure your deal.


Through our work, we have made considerable connections with oil importers and exporters in Thailand, and elsewhere around the world. If oil or gas is a commodity that piques your interest, we can provide you with our consultation and help you in acquiring and transporting these commodities.


Thailand has a reputation as being one of the largest rice exporters in the world. This reputation does not come only from the quantity of exported rice, but also the quality of exported rice. We can help you with acquiring and shipping the required amount of rice to your desired location.

Thai Traditional Healthcare

Thailand is renowned for our herbal health products. Thai innovators have created products based on Thai herbs which help decrease wrinkles or stifle certain diseases. We maintain working relationships with many of these herbal health product companies and can help you export these to another country.