Administrative & Government


Thailand’s rapid development over the last several decades has led to drastic changes in business practices as well as unprecedented institutional changes in governance and regulatory mechanisms. Many industries and business sectors are now subject to an increasingly layered regulatory landscape which has resulted in a greater number of issues that need to be addressed by legal experts.

For your business, it is imperative that you hold an insight into and understand how the Thai Government works as all business dealings and commercial transactions must comply with prescribed regulatory and administrative guidelines.

At Korpniti, our lawyers can assist clients in their dealings with governmental departments and administrative agencies in a number of different capacities, including as an advocate, an advisor, a facilitator, and as an intermediary negotiating on a client’s behalf. We can help clients comply with regulatory requirements and policies, deal with licensing and governmental approvals, and assist with administrative disputes and proceedings.

We strive to cultivate and maintain strong relationships with members of Thai governmental and business communities, including academics, business leaders, civil servants, and lawmakers in order to remain up to date with the latest laws and policies passed in the Kingdom. One of the services we provide is connecting clients with key contacts in governmental departments and agencies relevant to their business. We help our clients cultivate valuable connections and build strategic relationships with those directly responsible for regulating their industry. Through doing so, we aim to advocate for and promote policies that can bring real rewards and benefits to a client’s business.

We can advise and assist clients on a wide range of matters related to administrative law and government relations, including:

  • Advisory

  • Board of Investment (BOI) proposals

  • Connecting clients with key contacts in governmental departments and agencies

  • Dispute resolution and litigation in the Administrative Court

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

  • Government contracts and procurement

  • Licensing and governmental approvals

  • Insight into governmental departments and agencies

  • Judicial review

  • Regulatory affairs and compliance

  • Negotiations with governmental departments and agencies