As Thailand transitions more towards a service-based economy, the role of the consumer sector takes on an ever-increasing prominence. At Korpniti, we vigilantly monitor all new legal and regulatory developments in this sector, in addition to observing the general trends in consumer demands and demographics.

Through our experience working with consumer industry clients, we can anticipate the types of commercial and regulatory challenges relevant to this industry and support our clients through pre-emptively responding to these challenges before they arise. We believe such preparation is the best guarantee for the success and benefit of our client’s business. Our client portfolio ranges from local Thai brands to large Southeast Asian conglomerates.

We can advise clients on all legal matters related to the consumer and retail industries, including:

  • Cross-border transactions

  • Corporate and commercial law

  • Dispute resolution

  • Franchising

  • Import/export

  • Logistics

  • Projects and other long-term investments requiring ongoing legal support and oversight

  • Supply and distribution

  • Taxation

  • Transportation