Thailand is one of the largest and most dynamic business environments in the region, with Bangkok in particular renown for being a bustling, business hub. As such, Thailand represents an attractive market for foreign investors and a large number of business opportunities exist for those with strong ideas and initiative.

But like many business hubs, businesses in Thailand are bound by a body of statutory law that exert control over their conduct and dealings. For instance, the Civil and Commercial Code stipulates guidelines governing the formation, financing, governance, and dissolution of a company or business entity, while the Foreign Business Act of 1999 imposes additional rules and restrictions regulating the approved business activities available to foreign businesses.

As a result, when forming new businesses or undertaking certain corporate actions, there are a number of legal considerations that must be properly dealt with in order to ensure compliance with Thai law. But with the right guide, many of these considerations and compliance obstacles can be easily overcome. And once these issues have been secured, Thailand can be considered a very business-friendly environment.

At Korpniti, we have been helping corporate client for decades and we bring these years of experience to future clients. We can assist clients on a wide range of corporate issues ranging from company formation, commercial contracts, corporate governance and business management, director’s duties and liabilities, employees, investors, shareholders, and raising capital.

We also manage and solve internal corporate disputes affecting the management and running of a client’s business, including crisis management and engagement and negotiation with company shareholders and stakeholders.  We aim to deliver solutions that minimalise interference with a client’s business affairs and operations.

We invest our time into understanding a client’s business strategy and commercial objectives. We then translate these objectives into the appropriate legal actions and we prioritise the important issues most relevant to their business. We always aim to provide strategic solutions that are aligned with our client’s business goals.

We can advise and assist clients on all matters related to corporate and business entities, including:

  • Business structures

  • Company formation and registration, including articles of association, by-laws, and shareholders agreements

  • Contract drafting, negotiation, and review

  • Corporate and secretarial services

  • Corporate governance

  • Corporate groups

  • Director’s duties and liabilities

  • Employment issues

  • Executives, directors, and managers

  • Financing and investment

  • Foreign businesses

  • Insurance

  • Joint ventures

  • Legal due diligence

  • Management of the company, including board composition and sub-committees

  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

  • Ordinary and extraordinary meetings

  • Partnerships

  • Real estate – commercial land and leases

  • Raising capital

  • Regulatory affairs and compliance

  • Restructuring and insolvency

  • Securities and capital markets

  • Shareholder and stakeholder actions, engagement and management

  • Tax considerations