Dispute Resolution & Litigation


Before the mass influx of international law firms into the Thai legal market, there were a higher proportion of Thai law offices that focused solely on litigation and resolving disputes. In previous eras, Thai legal experts and advocates were trained in the art of litigating and persuading the court’s decision on the outcome of a client’s case.

Many modern firms have now shifted much of their focus towards more transactional lawyering activities covering the business dealings and exchange of assets, obligations, and rights between private parties. Given the recent shifts and industry trends in the Thai legal landscape, finding a skilled, specialist litigator is becoming more and more of a rarity.

At Korpniti, our firm’s primary specialisation still lies in resolving disputes. Although we engage and take pride in our transactional lawyering, we remain problem solvers first and foremost. Whether through litigation, arbitration, or negotiation, we have dealt with many complex situations since our founding and have reached many successful settlements for our clients. Our lawyers can change a dire situation into a non-situation for our clients.

We always favour alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation or mediation over contentious litigation which can cost an enormous amount of time and money. We understand that for many clients, going to court can be an incredibly stressful and emotional process and can tie up resources that could be better spent elsewhere. Therefore, we strive to mediate and negotiate with opposing parties. This does not, however, imply our dislike for litigation. Rather, as a general principle, we try to exhaust all other alternatives before commencing litigation.

Once litigation has been commenced, our Bangkok-based litigation team will work tirelessly to bring forth a successful settlement.

We can advise and assist clients on all matters related to resolving disputes, including:

  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR):
    • Arbitration
    • Conciliation
    • Mediation

  • Commercial and civil litigation

  • Criminal defence

  • Drafting settlement agreements

  • Enforcement of judgments and awards

  • Litigation at three levels:
    • Court of First Instance
    • Court of Appeals
    • Supreme Court

  • Litigation in the Specialized Courts:
    • Bankruptcy Court
    • Intellectual Property and International Trade Court
    • Labour Court
    • Tax Court