Given the large number of expatriates relocating to Thailand, immigration law comprises an essential service provided by Thai legal service providers.

At Korpniti, we can assist clients with a wide range of immigration-related matters, particularly those related to employment such as business visas and work permits. Our lawyers can help clients wishing to immigrate or emigrate. For instance, are you a Thai national hoping to emigrate abroad for work or study? Or are you a foreigner wishing to immigrate to Thailand?

Depending on a client’s nationality, age bracket, and their intention to either immigrate into or emigrate out of Thailand, there are number of different visas, permits, and other documentation that must be secured before that person can legally move or work in their desired destination. Our team has dealt with countless cases involving clients coming from and going to many different parts of the world. We can help you get to your dream destination.

We can advise and assist clients on all matters related to immigration, including:

  • Business visas

  • Dispute resolution

  • Employment issues

  • Education visas

  • Guardianship visas

  • Marriage visas

  • Non-immigration visas

  • Other visas

  • Retirement visas

  • Visa extension and renewals

  • Work permits