Investment Consultation and FDI


No matter where you are, it is always prudent to learn about the market conditions and legal landscape of any jurisdiction that you wish to invest in. Thailand is no exception. So, before a client invest any funds in Thailand, it is imperative that they consult local experts in order to guide and protect their investment.

At Korpniti, we have assisted countless clients over three decades invest in business ventures and investment opportunities in Thailand. We understand that for many clients, both foreign and Thai, participating in an investment project can be one of the riskiest business decisions they can undertake due to a number of different investment risks, including market, credit, and liquidity risk. This sense of risk can be further amplified for those engaging in foreign direct investment (“FDI”).

We always aim to protect and safeguard a client’s investment and mitigate investment risks wherever possible. We are proud to work with investments of all sizes. We can provide legal assistance and oversight at all stages of an investment lifecycle, from the initial investment proposal all the way through to completion.

We focus on helping clients optimise their investment outcomes from the outset through assessing an investment proposal, analysing the key factors driving an investment, designing appropriate deal structures, and pre-emptively identifying and mitigating investment risks.

We can assist investors with a wide array of legal and investment-related supporting services such as conducting legal due diligence, providing professional insight and legal opinions on Thai legal and market conditions, and keeping clients up to date on investment opportunities in Thailand. Our decades of experience have provided us with invaluable insight into the common challenges facing investors as well as on regulatory controls and FDI requirements.

We can advise and assist client on a wide range of matters related to investments, including:

  • Board of Investment (BOI) incentives

  • Banking and finance

  • Bid process and strategies

  • Commercial insight and judgment

  • Contract drafting, negotiation, and review

  • Deal structuring and strategic planning. integration and separation synergies including IP, employee, technology and tax implications

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and greenfield and brownfield investment

  • Industry-specific knowledge

  • Legal due diligence

  • Legal opinions

  • Market analysis, engagement, and research

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Project management

  • Regulatory requirements and compliance issues (competition, licensing, disclosure requirements, governmental approvals, investment process)

  • Risk assessment, risk allocation, and risk management

  • Transactional oversight and monitoring

  • Tax considerations