Restructuring & Insolvency


Although unfortunate, business distress and bankruptcy are a common part of a company’s lifecycle. What is important, however, is that distressed businesses receive the right legal and financial advice at the right time. It is imperative that professional advisors quickly understand the situation and provide practical solutions that can be readily implemented.

At Korpniti, we can assist clients with a range of insolvency and business restructuring procedures. We generally prioritise strategies that help clients restore their financial stability and return to business, or where this isn’t possible, to mitigate and minimise the calamitous effects of a formal insolvency.

Our lawyers recognise the importance of providing swift efficient services that prioritise a client’s commercial objectives in often time-critical conditions. Through working cooperatively with other professional service providers, we aim to provide an integrated approach towards all issues related to the management and turnaround of a distressed business.

For businesses facing early signs of distress, we focus on pre-emptive actions aimed at identifying and addressing the causes of financial under-performance and developing a feasible business restructuring plan.

For businesses facing severe signs of distress and where no viable business recovery options exist, we can assist with various insolvency processes. We work with banks, business owners, business directors, creditors, liquidators, administrators and receivers to maximise the realisation and distribution of assets during insolvency proceedings.

We can advise and assist clients on a range of matters related to restructuring and insolvency, including:

  • Advice on business restructuring, reorganisation, and rehabilitation plans

  • Contract management during financial distress (customers, procurement, supply chain)

  • Corporate crime

  • Corporate governance

  • Crisis management

  • Directors’ duties and liabilities

  • Dispute resolution – advisory, strategy, and litigation in the Bankruptcy Court

  • Financing

  • Insolvency proceedings – liquidation and business reorganisations  

  • Insurance

  • Regulatory requirements and compliance issues

  • Risk analysis, management, and minimisation

  • Shareholder/stakeholder issues, engagement, and management